The Return

🇺🇸 Healing Our Nation 🇺🇸

God is faithful, and His Word will not return to Him void. He has promised healing for the nation who truly repents and seeks Him and His ways. A solemn assembly — not just of church and political leaders, or preachers, or prophets — but EVERYONE, repenting of our sins, asking God’s forgiveness, and seeking His Light to lead us forward.

The Return is a nationwide event for this purpose. All who love the USA – in all the world – are invited to join, in person at the National Mall, in meetings hosted throughout the US, and via Live online broadcast.

Please see this message from one of the lead organizers of The Return, Jonathan Cahn:

For more information, and to stay updated regarding schedule, travel restrictions, local assemblies in your area, and live streaming, visit the links below:


Main site:

Why we need to Return:

How we Return:

Info regarding travel to Washington D.C.

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